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Clear, meaningful, real-time insights, always accessible in 3 clicks or less.

Get analytics superpowers with our no-code insights platform.

Our family of products

Specifically designed with patients and healthcare professionals in mind, our cutting-edge technology solutions are aimed at unlocking the value in user feedback for better outcomes.

Insights, reimagined

Unlock the value of patients’ insights and elevate their experience with our suite of products and features. Built by and for healthcare use-cases.

Bells & whistles

A wealth of pre-set, healthcare-specific features to create any questionnaire in a whizz.

Advanced analytics

Rich data analysis tools to translate collections of answers into actionable insights.

Automated reporting

Configurable reporting settings to keep track of one or multiple projects.

Data science

AI-powered engine to gain key insights from patients & researchers.


No technical integration, easy to work with any vendor, software, or device.


Processes in place to ensure HIPAA principles are observed end-to-end.

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