About Drumroll Health

We develop AI technologies to foster closer partnerships between patients, healthcare professionals, and pharma & healthcare companies.

Our mission

Our mission is to capture and translate patients’ voices to help biopharma and healthcare companies design better, fairer, and more inclusive clinical trials and care delivery experiences.

At Drumroll Health, we are investing in new ways to engage patients and understand their needs, enabling life sciences companies and researchers to partner with each other for maximum positive impact.

Our values


We believe in technology as a force for good and a way to deliver value to health stakeholders.


The problems we're solving impact people's lives. There's no time to lose.


We believe that patients, researchers, and trial sponsors are willing and able to collaborate for better outcomes.


We don’t aim to do many different things – but the few ones we do focus on, we do them really well.

Join our team

If you believe you can help us in our mission, we'd love to hear from you.