Insight superpowers for everyone.

Our self-service insight engine does the work, so you don't have to.
Accelerate the translation of survey data into clear and actionable insights.


The ultimate editor for health surveys

Dynamically create interactive content for any healthcare use-cases in a snap with the industry’s most powerful text and survey editor.

Clean, beautiful UI

Brand-new design for the smoothest user experience when creating health-related surveys.

Advanced branching

Our proprietary branching logic makes it quick and intuitive to create even the most complex questionnaire structures.

Collaboration tools

Create draft projects and invite your colleagues and partners to review and collaborate before going live.

Seamless distribution

Share your surveys with secure, instantly-generated links via email, SMS, or social media, however best suits your audience.


Where the data becomes insights

Let our algorithms work behind the scenes, find hidden correlations and clusters, and extract the real insights hidden in your data.

Data clusters

Proprietary models enable you to discover the invisible correlations that connect different user groups and their characteristics.

Advanced analytics

Capturing quality data isn't easy. Maximize its potential by leveraging our cutting edge Artificial Intelligence tools.

Clearer insights

Get a deeper understanding of what your audience looks like and what they are trying to tell you.

User journey

Collect, analyze, and compare longitudinal data from clinical trials, observational studies, or healthcare settings.


Facts, at your fingertips

Sometimes, getting the simple things right is not the simplest thing to do. Discover Compass’ streamlined design and navigate through all your data from the same screen.

Easy to navigate
Optimized for healthcare
Multiple sharing options


Manual controls

Gain total control over your data, pivoting and comparing between any number of parameters to uncover everything your surveys have to show you.

Easy pivot options
Explore datasets
Compare and contrast