Transparency Life Sciences Rebrands as Drumroll Health and Launches New AI-Powered Patient Insights Platform

Suite of digital products will improve patients’ experience through orchestrated engagement and a focus on diversity & inclusion.

Boston (August 10, 2021) – Transparency Life Sciences, a digital health startup that develops technology solutions to foster closer partnerships between patients and health professionals, today unveiled a new corporate identity and company name: Drumroll Health.

Along with the new brand, Drumroll Health also announced today a new technology platform that is the result of years of investment and close collaborations between patients, advocacy groups, researchers, providers, and biopharma companies, which comes at a time when patients’ voices and active engagement could not be more critical.

“Patient centricity may not be a new concept but it has definitely taken a bigger and more urgent role since the disruption of COVID-19”, said Richard Warburg, Chairman of the Board at Drumroll Health. After years of slow progress, culture and organizational barriers among patients and biopharma companies broke down during the current  health crisis, which resulted in an acceleration across the broader digital health market, especially in areas such as remote patient monitoring and population-level analytics.

Drumroll Health’s product line-up brings for the first time to the market a much needed enterprise-grade, end-to-end crowdsourcing and analytics solution for patient insights and patient engagement. Built by and for health professionals, Drumroll Suite allows customers and partners to create, distribute, and analyze questionnaires faster, easier, and better than ever before.

The platform includes a completely revamped and powerful editor, specifically designed to simplify the task of creating complex health-related surveys and questionnaires such as protocol assessments, trial screeners, real-world registries, ePRO, REMS, and patient satisfaction forms.

Alongside the editor, Drumroll’s Suite includes four different and complementary analytics tools that provide customers with new options to query the data collected and extract clearer, more actionable insights. “The entire platform was rebuilt from the ground up with patients and researchers in mind. We are especially proud of DeepView, our brand new cluster-discovery solution”, said Drumroll Health’s CEO, Harry Glorikian. “Before DeepView, patient surveys often ended up as stale reports in somebody’s inbox - how many people answer the question like this or like that. Now, thanks to Drumroll’s DeepView, we are able to shed new light into the hidden correlations in the data, translating data points into personas and stories that we can all understand and relate to.”

About Drumroll Health
Drumroll Health is a leader in digital services supporting the clinical trials industry. Rapid advances in digital technology and strong regulatory support create a historic opportunity for Drumroll Health to catalyze a fundamental transformation in clinical trial design and execution, significantly improving the quality of clinical trials while reducing their overall cost. Drumroll Health’s approach combines crowdsourcing and digital health technology to progress clinical trials with greater efficiency, patient engagement, and regulatory relevance.

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